How to Reduce Electricity Bills

Electrical devices can consume energy even when we are not using them, causing our electricity bill to be high. So what are the effective ways that we can easily apply to reduce the electricity bill?

How to Reduce Electricity Bills

Recently, we spend more time in our homes than ever before. More and more electrical devices are entering our lives every day. All these devices consume energy even when we are not using them and can cause our electricity bill to be high.

Since electricity prices are constantly increasing, we have to pay more for electricity every month than the previous month.

So what are the effective ways we can easily apply to reduce our electricity bill?

Turn off the lights in your home when not in use. Make sure to turn on a small number of lights when needed. Open the curtains during the day and try to maximize the use of sunlight.

Make sure your electrical appliances have a high energy rating (C, B, preferably A). Refrigerators in particular run for 24 hours and consume electricity all the time. If you spend long hours in front of the TV, check the energy rating of your TV. Devices with higher energy ratings use less energy.

You can turn on economy (eco) mode in the TV‘s settings menu to ensure that it consumes less energy. This feature reduces the brightness of your TV and helps it use less energy.

Run your washing machine as little as possible and at lower temperatures.

Run your dishwasher in economy (eco) mode. Even though the washing time is longer in this mode, it will consume the least amount of electricity and water.

Use natural gas or, if possible, solar water heating systems instead of electric water heaters. If your infrastructure is not suitable for this, replace your old electric water heater with a new one that uses less energy. New electric water heaters have better heat transfer properties.

Check your thermal insulation. If you do not have the opportunity to strengthen the external insulation, you can apply thermal paint or thermal wallpaper to the interior walls. This way you can reduce the use of air conditioning in summer.

Stop using electric room heaters. They consume a lot of power and are harmful to health.

Even if you turn off electrical appliances, they can still consume energy. For example, if you turn off the TV from the remote control, this puts it in standby mode and continues to consume energy. If possible, get a switched socket for such devices and keep the switch off when not in use.

Do not leave the adapters of devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops plugged in when not in use. They continue to consume a small amount of energy while plugged in.

If you have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) connected to your computer and you are not going to use it for a long time, turn it off and unplug it. Even if the batteries inside are full, it will still consume some power. This power consumption is much higher than the power consumed by other devices in standby mode.

Electricity demand is growing much faster than supply. This translates into ever-increasing electricity tariffs relative to the basic economy. If the above recommendations are implemented, there will be a significant reduction in electricity consumption.

Spend less energy, save money and the environment!

Emre Yılmaz, the founder of Lighting Portal, graduated from Atılım University Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2013, and since then has been involved in the management and product development activities of state-supported projects in the lighting industry. He completed his master's degree at Gazi University Industrial Design Engineering Department and continues his education in the doctorate program of the same department.
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