About Us

Lighting Portal is designed as a portal where you can access news, announcements, catalogs, product reviews and job postings related to the sector. Lighting Portal is a registered trademark approved by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

Although Lighting Portal was established in 2016, it has grown very fast and has become a leader among the sector portals. With the portal structure and enriched content, which is constantly developed with the comments of the sector’s stakeholders, Lighting Portal attracts great attention by the visitors.

Company directory, created within Lighting Portal, contains information on lighting companies categorized by city. The purpose of the company directory is to contribute to the promotion of our companies and to enable the consumers to reach the right company easily. For this purpose; a search form is placed where you can query the company, product or service.

Another purpose of the Lighting Portal is to create an information library in the sectoral sense. For this reason, a resource called Lighting University was created. Information-based educational content prepared by the sector’s stakeholders is published regularly.

Lighting Portal works to be in cooperation with the institutions, organizations, associations and websites that serve in the sector. For this purpose, communication was established with related parties, and cooperation was developed to carry the sector together to a better point. Attempts are still in place and efforts are being made to expand the existing cooperation.